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                j9九游会老哥俱乐部机电 | 产品目录 | 联系j9九游会老哥俱乐部
                 上海j9九游会老哥俱乐部机电,总部设在上海,在香港,德国,美国,日本均设有分公司,拥有良好的购销渠道,欢迎来电咨询 TEL:0086-21-51085793

                VUHZ A.S

                捷克VUHZ是世界著名的高工艺的金属加工公司。 VUHZ产品广泛地应用于汽车,冶金和机器制造等行业。 VUHZ为钢厂及冶金行业制造提供高科技自动化和测量仪器等产品. 产品包括轧钢机零部件,铸件、连铸机液位计、镀膜加工中心及实验室测量仪器. VUHZ已取得ISO 9001, ISO 14001及VDA 6.1标准认证。 VUHZ拥有自己的研发中心包括实验室和试验间。 VUHZ a.s.的产品已在全世界许多国家和地区安装使用.

                The society VUHZ is a technological metal working company. It supplies its products to automotive, metallurgical and machine building industries. It produces high-tech automation and measuring equipment for the steel companies as well as the technologies for the secondary metallurgy. It includes the rolling mill of special sections, which are used mainly in the automotive industry, then the centrifuga foundry, machine works, and the coating centre, which is involved in production and coating of tools nad molds. VUHZ is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and VDA 6.1 standards. It has its own research and development department including the laboratories and test rooms. Approximately half of the VUHZ a.s. production is exported to the numerous countries worldwide.

                Special rolled sections
                Centrifugal casts
                Coatings CVD and PACVD
                Equipment for continuous casting and metallurgy
                Laboratory and testing


                  香港及海外业务:  00852-27828783 传真:00852-30119987
                中国大陆地区业务:021-51085793  传真:021-51086107   电邮:sales@fcws.biz